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View of the corrugated-iron buildings at Northam Army Camp. Building H8 at Northam Army Camp. View of a group of corrugated-iron buildings at Northam Army Camp. The sentry box at the entrance to Northam Army Camp.


Since its establishment in 1935, Northam Army Camp has served as a military base, a prisoner of war detainment facility and a migrant holding camp. These storylines tell the history of the camp through essays, oral histories, video interviews and photographs.

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Soldiers in full kit, c. 1943. Credit: Gildersleeve.

Find out about the camp's military origins and its roles before, during and after WWII along with people's personal experiences at the camp.

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Italian POWs at work in Northcliffe, 1946.  Online image 009474D. Courtesy the State Library of Western Australia.

Northam Army Camp was the home of Italian Prisoners of War. Find out more about what it was like from the people who were there.

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Sylwestrzak cooks at top camp.

After the War, Northam Army Camp served as a Migrant Holding Camp during the 1950s. People who lived at the camp share what life was like.

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